Look – 126 –

Dog 2.final.png

♥ Autumn in the park ♥


Body: {Maitreya} :: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara ::
Head: {Catwa} :: Mesh Head ::
Hair: {Elua} :: Hollis (Ombre B)
Earring: {Cae} :: Juno earring ::
Sunglasses: {Redgrave} :: Meddison ::
Watch: {Izzie’s} :: Watch gold ::
Sweter: {LFE} :: Namia Sweter v6 ::
Bottom: {Blueberry} :: Luna Rolled Cuff Jeans (Blue) ::
Shoes: {Reign} :: Moccasins (Camel) ::


Sunglasses: {Redgrave} – Aviator Pilot
Rings: {RDDesign} Mesh SOA Rings
Jacket:{HooLigan Ink} Leather Jacket Ugo
Scarf: {HooLigan Ink} Scarf Luka
Pants: {HooLigan Ink}Jeans 477
Shoes: {HooLigan Ink} Shoes Luka
Bonnet: {HooLigan Ink} Bonnet cap winter



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