♥ Look – 168 –

patins com desfoqFINALIZADO.fw.jpg

♥ Synchrony ♥

They use:

Head: {Catwa} Catwa Mesh Head
Body: {Maitreya} Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Ears: {Mandala}
Hair: {Elua} Noela
Head Jewellery: {Tableau Vivant} Belongs to Hair ‘Sari’ pack
Outfit: {sYs} Trianon Dress – Royal (The Crossroads) til December 29
Shoes: {Meli Imako} Mesh Fashion Ice Skates
Tattoo: {Carol G.Tattoo} Fan Tattoo – Red
Poses and Ice Rink: {Focus} Poses Ice Skater
Tree 1: {PANAVIA} Winter Tree Fagus
Tree 2: {PANAVIA} Conifer Tree Picea Winter
Tree 3: {PANAVIA} Conifer Tree Picea



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